We structure our curriculum carefully basing on the local kindergarten curriculum guides issued by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, the Early Years Foundation Stage of the British Curriculum and the kidsDNA Education System Curriculum to train our children to be open-minded and reflective learners who will be eager to discover the world with the essence of Chinese and Western cultures today and in the future.

Our curriculum:
is child-centered

Taking into consideration the needs of children, play-based activities and tie-to-real-life activities are integrated across all subject areas.

adopts an immersion approach in language development

Our children are encouraged to use different languages, Cantonese, English and Putonghua, in communication. Our teachers, including native English speakers and native Putonghua speakers, work closely together and accompany our children to pick up the languages via structured lessons and activities conducted class-wide as well as in small groups.

is led by dedicated teachers
  • English teachers/tutors are native English speakers, most of them are university graduates and have received professional training in early childhood education.
  • Putonghua teachers/tutors are native Putonghua speakers with solid academic background and qualifications, many of them are even talented in art, drama, music and dancing.
  • Local teachers are native Cantonese speakers, they are qualified teachers holding recognized certificates, diplomas and/or degrees with sound experience in early childhood education.
instills the habit of reading

A Share-reading Programme is specially designed for the purpose of developing our children's essential reading and literacy skills to nurture them to become young readers and then turn into life-long learners.

develops our children with good behaviour

A unique set of interactive learning programme with hands-on and audio-visualized activities is adopted, including

  • "BabyDNA" which makes use of scientific methods to provide children with a balanced development and the life-wide learning environment to promote children's proficiency;
  • "Let's Training" which is designed to develop children's logical thinking by the use of technological facilities aiming to promote cooperation in groups and character building; and
  • "Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs" which allows children to learn good discipline and understand how to love and be kind and good to one another through the stories with patented animation.